About Us

Bodyindex is an innovative fitness brand, designed to help everyone achieve their fitness goals. With a wide range of nutritonal supplements, most containing ingredients suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Bodyindex offers a sustainable way to workout and be kind to the environment, while delivering optimum performance. Every product was extensively researched and tested way before the company originally launched in 2013 and we are committed to regular quality checks and updates.

Shwan Bradosti, who is a professional athlete, bought Bodyindex in 2017 after being impressed with the effective products that helped power his cage fighting success.After Shwan’s £1.7 million investment and time spent refining the products and restructuring the company, our new shop and website is now live.On this website, you will find Bodyindex’s sports supplements, vitamins and minerals. For those unsure what products will best complement their fitness regimes, you can shop by goal – muscles gains, weight loss, abs building etc.

Body Index TV will show videos from the athletes that we sponsor, who trust Body Index to help them reach peak physical condition.If you would like further info on any of the above please feel free to contact us at info@bodyindex.com Find out more about the fitness journeys of founder Shwan Bradosti and the other athletes we sponsor here.